HU—Sound of Soul Events

How to Stay Grateful During Hard Times - Sing HU
Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR

Experience HU — The Sound of Soul

"HU will put a fresh, new spirit into your life. You will begin to be a happier person, because It will show you what things are truly important for you and what are not."

—Sri Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, p. 66

Have you ever reached out to the universe for love and answers? Do you feel you need help dealing with challenges, stress, or fear?

HU (pronounced like the word hue) is an ancient name for God that has been sung for thousands of years in many lands for spiritual unfoldment. Chanting HU can help raise your vibrations and lift your consciousness. Chanting HU can bring:

  • Comfort, peace, and calm
  • Expanded awareness
  • A release of fears
  • Answers to your spiritual questions
  • A subtle sense of divine love
  • Alignment with your true purpose and highest good

HU may be sung privately or in a community setting. ECKANKAR offers Sound of Soul community events for those who wish to experience this uplifting sound—it's benefits—in the company of others. You will be able to sing HU, enjoy casual spiritual conversation after the chant (20 minutes), and meet friendly people who share a love for God—people who live dynamic spiritual lives. All in a relaxed environment.

HU can uplift people of any age, religion, culture, or walk of life. We invite you to come and experience the divine power of HU for yourself.

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