ECK Clergy Services

Members of the ECK clergy are available to officiate a variety of

spiritual services and ECK celebrations.

About Clergy Services

Members of the ECK Clergy have extensive training and are ordained by the Eckankar Spiritual Center in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The services offered here are available to ECK members as well as the public—individuals, their friends and family, and the community in which they live.

ECK Clergy

Clergy are available to lead ECK Light and Sound Services and officiate the four ECK celebrations of life.

  1. Consecration Ceremony
  2. Rite of Passage Ceremony
  3. ECK Wedding Ceremony
  4. ECK Memorial Service

ECK Spiritual Aide

An ESA conducts ECK Spiritual Aide sessions. An ESA session, though not counseling, can help an individual find his own answers to spiritual questions and life situations through the aid of Divine Spirit. An ESA does not offer advice but simply listens as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit.

Request for ECK Clergy Services

Please fill out the information below to request an ECK cleric for an ECK Initiation, ESA session, or an event, service, or ECK Celebration of Life that is officiated by an ECK cleric. Your request will be forwarded to the Oregon ECK Spiritual Services Director or RESA (Regional ECK Spiritual Aide), who will provide contact information for you.

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